Eastlakes Shopping Centre

The Eastlakes Shopping Centre Development

What do people envision of the ideal urban residential area? For Crown Group, it’s when all the modern lifestyle conveniences and comforts converge in one impressive, architecturally designed place. This is exactly what we envision for Eastlakes. When we look at Eastlakes, we see so much more than a suburb – we see immense potential for a vibrant and flourishing community, a bustling shopping precinct with exceptional residences all anchored on a modern, well-designed, world-class shopping centre.

Eastlakes Live by Crown Group is our vision come to life, with the Eastlakes Shopping Centre being the base of this entire development. The Eastlakes Crown development is a massive undertaking that will create in its rising a more vibrant and modern community.

The Heart of the New East: Eastlakes Shopping Centre

Eastlakes Live is our vision of the New East, with Eastlakes Shopping Centre as its anchor. We understand how integral a role the Eastlakes Shopping Centre plays within the local community, and we hope to expand and enhance that. By reinventing and redesigning several aspects of the centre, we can create an even better shopping experience for customers, and a lifestyle of convenience and shopping leisure for residents.
With more and diverse retail and dining options; an architectural design that enhances accessibility as well as aesthetics; premium residential apartments right above and many more additions and improvements; we’re certain that the new Eastlakes Shopping Centre will be a strong focal point of the Eastlakes Live by Crown Group Development.

Visit www.eastlakesshoppingcentre.com.au now to learn more.

Come and Experience The New East

There’s so much more to discover and love about the new Eastlakes Shopping Centre at Eastlakes Live by Crown Group. Come and see for yourself, or get in touch with us now for more information.