Where should you be looking to buy a luxury apartment in Sydney?



Are you in the market for a new luxury apartment in Sydney, but don’t know where to buy? If you’re close to the CBD, you’ll be in the centre of all the fun, all of the nightlife. There’s always something going on in Sydney, and if you want to be a part of it all the time, buying close to the city should be your next move.

Some suburbs have better options in the luxury market, for both houses and units. If you want to buy in a beautiful area, surrounded by more beautiful properties, here are some suburbs to consider:

Bellevue Hill

When you’re buying a luxury apartment, one of the biggest considerations you make is how close it is to places you love – that might be beaches or shops or cafes. Within walking distance to some of the city’s most picturesque beaches, Bellevue Hill is a fabulous place to buy a home.

Find a fantastic view and some of Sydney's best beaches in Bellevue Hill.Find a fantastic view and some of Sydney’s best beaches in Bellevue Hill.

There are historic homes and luxury villas and apartments there, so you’ll have your pick of whatever home you’re in the market for. If you want something truly special, consider the Arc apartments from Crown Group in the middle of the CBD. It’s not far from Bellevue Hill, and puts you right amongst all the activity.

Cremorne Point

Cremorne Point is an exclusive suburb that features magnificent views over the Harbour.

Located on Sydney’s North Shore, Cremorne Point is an exclusive suburb that features magnificent views over the Harbour. It has one of the highest median dwelling values in the city, at $4,141,163, according to the CoreLogic RP Data Best of the Best report from 2016. If you buy around Cremorne Point, expect to pay a premium and get even more than your money’s worth.

Another of Crown Group’s major projects is located only a couple of suburbs west of Cremorne Point – in the desirable North Sydney. Skye apartments provide luxury living quarters with a poolside lifestyle and great views over the city that are unmatched in the region. If you want to buy a luxury apartment that really stands apart from the rest, Skye is the place to look.

Buying a luxury apartment in Sydney is no easy task – there are a lot of options, and finding the one that suits your wants and your lifestyle the best takes time. Take a look at Crown Group developments, and you might find everything you’re looking for in one modern package.

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