What Is It That Sets Amazing Luxury Apartments Apart?



When you invest in a luxury apartment in Sydney, you’ll want to be absolutely certain your money is well spent. However, as such homes have only become a popular in Australia in the last decade or so, many Australians may not know exactly what sets an amazing apartment apart from the rest.

To help make sure your next purchase is the right choice, we’ve had a look at what makes an excellent apartment really stand out.

Luxury apartment's design can make it feel twice its size. A luxury apartment’s design can make it feel twice its size.

Thoughtful design

Good apartment design goes beyond just flashy features and luxury fittings. Prominent designer Jeff Provan discussed what’s really important in July 2015 interview with The Urban Developer:

“The space must work as hard as it can to offer the best amenity and efficiency before you even consider applied elements.The core criteria for good apartment interior design is well considered internal planning and providing all the functionality and liveability of a house, albeit within a smaller space.”

In the limited space of an apartment design becomes even more essential. That’s why Crown Group’s developments only employ industry leading and award winning architects such as Koichi Takada. With creativity, consideration of the modern lifestyle and well thought out design principles, the smaller space of an apartment can feel twice its size.

Extra features

“The space must work as hard as it can to offer the best amenity and efficiency.”

The reason why well designed luxury apartments are such a great place to live goes beyond just the space itself. It’s about the lifestyle that they offer through onsite facilities and the community that develops within well executed developments.

Commbank’s apartment buyers guide mirrors that sentiment, emphasising the importance of facilities such as pools, gyms and communal gardens. When such features are integrated smartly into an apartment development, they improve the quality of life that residents enjoy and help nurture a close-knit community.

The details

A well designed and luxury apartment can be an incredibly sound investment. There’s a number of benefits that such properties provide when purchasing – from potential stamp duty exemptions, to depreciation tax benefits.

Furthermore, buying a luxury apartment off the plan often proves a lucrative purchase, as in the current market, your property will most likely appreciate in value by the time it’s completed.

Above are just a few of the many benefits that a luxury apartment in Sydney can offer. To find out more, and talk about making Sydney’s skyline your home – enquire today.

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