What Features Does the Ultimate Sydney Bathroom Have?



The bathroom is a sanctuary away from the rest of your luxury apartment. As an intimate, personal area, it needs to be a place you feel comfortable retreating to. It’s also a space that should expertly fuse practicality with sophistication. In this blog post, we look at the essential features every luxury Sydney bathroom should have.

Main lighting should be as natural as possible.

Dimmable lighting

Bathroom lighting isn’t simply about creating a mood; it has to be functional, as the bathroom is where you change, apply makeup, wash and groom yourself. If the lights are too bright, it can look garish; too subdued, and you wont be able to see properly.

Main lighting should be as natural as possible, enabling you to clearly see what you’re doing without being too penetrating. The same applies to accent lighting that highlights pieces of art or greenery.

blah blahA bathroom in a Sydney luxury apartment needs to have adaptable lighting.

Translucent, dimmable LED lights are the perfect choice for a bathroom, as they can be adjusted to suit your mood and the tasks you’re performing. The light you need to get yourself ready in the morning is very different to the light you want when you’re having a relaxing bubble bath, so don’t opt for lighting that can’t be adapted to the situation.

Sophisticated materials

Every luxury Sydney bathroom should be fashioned from materials that exude style. They should also be easy to clean and resistant to wear, tear and scratches.

Marble or natural stone tiles from floor to ceiling give a polished, sleek look that won’t be difficult to scrub away.

Less is more when it comes to interior design.

Minimalist design

Less is more when it comes to interior design. Storage areas and high-tech mod cons should be tucked away. You can add an ornamental mirror or charming plant but keep the decorations to a minimum so that the aesthetic remains balanced.

Minimalism in a bathroom creates the illusion of more space and also conveys cleanliness. This extends to colour choices as well; whites and creams paired with dark browns or grey marble give an elegant vibe.

blah blahColour choice is important for a luxury bathroom.

When you buy or rent a Crown Group luxury apartment, you’re guaranteed a bathroom of the finest design and crafted from the very best materials available. If you want to spend your morning routine feeling like a king or a queen, get in touch with us today to find out more about our developments in Sydney.

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