What Do Luxury Apartment Buyers Look for in a Kitchen?



The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But does that mean that when buyers look at luxury apartments, their focus is the kitchen? Judging by recent activity, it seems so. The Housing Industry Association found an 18.3 per cent increase in kitchen installations over 2014/2015, with nearly 150,000 renovations to occur during the current financial year.

But what are the key features that really make a kitchen stand out? When you are looking at luxury apartments in Sydney, what do you want from this part of the home?

Galleys or space 

The Matusik Better Buying Guide highlights a lot of important features for a kitchen to have – and a galley setup ranks highly. Having two benches parallel with one another provides ample space for cleaning and cooking, provides more storage and even means one could double as a breakfast bench in the mornings.

Space in a luxury apartment is absolutely vital.Space in a luxury apartment is absolutely vital.

It is also incredibly efficient in apartments, where space can be at a premium. Maximising surfaces without dominating a living areas, galley kitchens that provide you with space to work and play are ideal for luxury apartments.

Light – preferably natural 

A dimly lit kitchen can be quite grim. Having it tucked away in the corner of a living area in an apartment can foster unhygienic conditions and a generally unpleasant space to be in.

Luxury apartments should have kitchens with wide windows or soft, warm lighting that reaches into every corner of the space. Apartments that don’t maximise natural light might slip down your list.

Top tier appliances

What are the essential appliances in a luxury apartment’s kitchen?

What are the essential appliances in a luxury apartment’s kitchen? Finder conducted research on what home buyers viewed as the essentials, and 17 per cent can’t live without a dishwasher.

While for many people that role is going to be filled by a partner or kids, a true luxury apartment should have all the bells and whistles, which means ensuring the right appliances are already in place. Installing one yourself can mean reworking plumbing and even tearing out a bench – which can be costly and impractical. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient models.

It’s all value for you 

The HIA report showed that the average value of a kitchen renovation was in excess of $21,000. Rather than do that yourself, you may be better off just finding a luxury apartment that already has everything. Even if you do renovate a kitchen, the re-sale value it adds to an already luxurious space will be immense.

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