What Can We Expect from Luxury Real Estate of the Future?


The most popular features of luxury apartments in Melbourne and Sydney have remained relatively consistent over time: spacious living areas, a central location, pool, gym and a great view. How will this picture change as we look ten or twenty years into the future? To understand this, we need to look to young generations and the features they value.

Green Square - Roof Landscape

Co-living and community

As household sizes become smaller and lone-person households expected to rise by up to 65% by 2036, Australians will be seeking a sense of community and shared experiences as time goes on. Younger generations are adopting co-living as one way to combat loneliness, but for those who prefer their own space can instead choose to live where a strong community is encouraged and fostered. Serendipitous gatherings can take place in beautiful rooftop gardens and entertainment areas, while amenities like music rooms and libraries are already being incorporated into new developments by Crown Group to encourage a sense of shared ownership. Wonderful interactions become natural in thoughtfully designed spaces.

Interior space and city connection

Scarcity and luxury often go hand in hand. Space and proximity to the CBD will both be premium property qualities in the coming decades, as Melbourne swells to an expected 42 million inhabitants by 2066 and Sydney to 12 million. Forward-thinking investors will be seeking out that which will always be in demand: central, spacious inner-city property that is located within minutes of the CBD. With new public transport projects taking place in both cities, it’s wise to seek out apartments for sale in Sydney and Melbourne now that will take advantage of these new connections with rapid, state-of-the-art transit.

Smarter and more sustainable homes

Of course, we often envision robotic chefs and smart fridges in homes of the future, but for many residents sustainability will be a defining factor in where they choose to live. Intelligent design has never been so important. Take for example the new Infinity by Crown Group development at Green Square, which incorporates an iconic loop-formed tower to provide a natural breezeway to its residences and central plaza. The development’s apartments are designed to make the most of the natural light and breezes, with energy-efficient lighting throughout. Meanwhile in the streets below, Green Square is set to set a new benchmark for sustainability with its stormwater recycling scheme, self-watering rain gardens and LED street lights. Luxury living will indeed be green living.

While it’s impossible to predict the future, the generations who will be buying or renting luxury apartments in Sydney and Melbourne over the coming years will likely be searching for community, connection and a residence that helps them to minimise their footprint.

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