Welcome to Waterfall: Sydney’s brightest new attraction


It is no secret that Sydney is one of the best cities in the world. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Index consistently ranks Sydney next to Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Paris as one of the best places to live, no matter what lifestyle you want.

But it is not enough to find the best city – you also need the best Sydney accommodation to match. That is where Waterfall by Crown Group steps in. Bringing the serenity of nature into the city is no small feat, but with the new property development from Crown Group, high-end apartment living comes without sacrificing the tranquil peace you might find elsewhere.

A unique blend of styles

Living in the city is normally associated with a fast-paced lifestyle, which can just as easily be a euphemism for noise pollution and stress. With Waterfall by Crown Group, we have designed a property development with residents’ peace of mind as the highest priority.

By incorporating elements of nature into each of the four apartment towers, we have found the right balance to satisfy the most decadent of tastes. Indoor gardens, a feature water lagoon, a waterfall spanning eight storeys and rooftop pools blend right into Sydney’s perfect blend of natural green space and luxury accommodation.

It is a commitment to balancing high-end housing with natural inspiration that you’ll only find at Waterfall by Crown Group.

An urban oasis

Despite being wholly connected to Sydney’s parks and infrastructure. Waterfall by Crown Group stands tall on its own. The inter-connected design promotes a community atmosphere through common luxury gardens, while the modern and refined residential spaces give you enough privacy and prestige to be the envy of the city.

There is nothing quite like Waterfall on the market.

You’ll also be on the doorstep of Waterloo – one of the most culturally rich parts of the entire state. Invigorating design, provocative galleries and inimitable restaurants are the norm for this suburb, and it will all be on your doorstep. You can even find unique art within Waterfall by Crown Group itself – one of the main features has been designed by Mika Utzon, grandson of famed Sydney Opera House creator Jorn Utzon.

Simply put, there is nothing quite like Waterfall by Crown Group on the market. When you are looking to make the move into luxury CBD accommodation coupled with world-class architecture without sacrificing any of the peace that comes with suburban prestige, it should be your only option.

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