Top residential architectural trends to look out for in 2017



What makes an ideal luxury apartment complex? Is it the location, the facilities, the interior design? All of these factors certainly contribute to a wonderful living experience. However, what makes your lifestyle just that bit more extravagant is magnificent architectural design. A well-designed, innovative building should make you feel as though you’re living in a space that’s on the cutting edge of modern technology, rather than a stock standard apartment block.

Crown Group’s luxury apartment complexes are designed by award-winning architects at the forefront of their industry and known for their boundary-pushing designs.

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Letting the outside in

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in 2017 is the fusion of exterior and interior spaces. Even when you’re living in the midst of busy urban surroundings with all the steel, glass and concrete, residential design at the moment is all about introducing elements of the natural world into your living experience.

One of the biggest trends … is the fusion of exterior and interior spaces.

That’s why our architects have incorporated elements of greenery inspired by natural landscapes into the design of our buildings. Residents can enjoy reclining by an infinity pool decorated by tropical greenery on the rooftop of Skye by Crown Group in North Sydney.

Our Waterfall development in Waterloo will transform how urban greenery is used in residential buildings.

“With Waterfall by Crown Group, we set out to revolutionise the use of green space in residential developments; breaking away from tradition [to] cater for people looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle,” Crown Group’s CEO Iwan Sunito said.

“It is everyone’s desire to find a place of escape; a place of tranquility. Waterfall by Crown Group provides a sense of place, where people can feel both a connection with nature and the urban environment at once.”

“Our vision is for the buildings to feel like an extension of the green space; a place where residents can relax and breathe,” Mr Sunito said.

The intention of the Waterfall development is to blend urban and natural spaces. The best residential architecture seamlessly blends into its urban surroundings while retaining elements inspired by the natural world.

Unique features

To further push the boundaries of the fusion of the urban and natural worlds, our architects have incorporated some unique elements into the design of our buildings; features that you will not find in any other apartment building.

From cantilevered gymnasiums to rooftop infinity pools, our architecture is constantly pushing the boundaries of what residential complexes should look like. We’re all about introducing remarkable features that make our buildings truly one-of-a-kind. Waterfall by Crown Group, for example, will boast Australia’s tallest man-made waterfall. The falls will be seven storeys high and cascade down the side of one of the four towers that make up the complex, surrounded by lush greenery adorning the building’s exterior.

Spatial innovation

What differentiates a standard apartment building from an incredible one is the level of innovation in its architecture, and designs that attempt to redefine our notion of space. It’s not just about adding incredible features to buildings, but also the materials they are constructed from, and the way they are used to construct highly original, inspiring shapes that become icons in their neighbourhoods.

We aspire to create living spaces that are also urban landmarks.

At Crown Group, we aspire to create living spaces that are also urban landmarks; spaces that provide the comforts of home yet also provide focal points of inspiration that will leave residents in awe every time they enter. Part of this is anticipating upcoming architectural trends and envisioning what future urban spaces are going to look like.

For example, Infinity by Crown Group in Sydney’s Green Square precinct will have a concentric design constructed of patterned glass and aluminium, inspired by a futuristic aesthetic.

“We imagined tomorrow’s elements of urban lifestyle and what we aspire this to be and we were driven to make the future in the present,” Mr Sunito said about this building.

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Soaring structures

Luxury apartment residents want to live high above the city, with spectacular panoramic views. Our complexes tower above the cityscape beneath and the open design means that wherever you are in the apartment, you’ll have an incredible view.

In a modern city known for its iconic structures, it’s difficult to compete, but Arc by Crown Group‘s towering glass and steel skyscrapers designed by the award-winning Koichi Takada architects will introduce a new landmark to the Sydney skyline.

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How would you like to live in a luxury apartment complex that is on the cutting edge of architectural design? You’ll be the envy of everyone you know. Take a look at Crown Group’s magnificent developments and start picturing yourself living there.

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