The Ultimate Sydney Living Room



The living area is where you both entertain friends and curl up for some quality “me” time; a space that necessitates a combination of style and comfort. Crown Group’s award-winning architects have designed living areas that pay particular attention to sophistication, the interaction between urban and natural environments and those iconic Sydney skyline views. This is what the ultimate Sydney living room looks like:

Understated luxury

Sydney is a place where timeless style meets laid-back vibes. It’s a city of both elegant skyscrapers and sandy beaches; fine dining and all-day brunch. This is reflected in living room interior design trends, which fuse elegance with minimalism.

Sydney is a city where timeless style meets laid-back vibes.

The ultimate Sydney living room is luxurious, but knows when too much is too much. There’s no clutter, only the essentials of furniture and decor.

Light and bright

The penthouse suite at Arc by Crown Group in the Sydney CBD (pictured in this article’s feature image) encapsulates the sunny interiors that should characterise any Sydney living space. Huge glass panes open the room up to natural light. Sunshine permeates the space, encouraging both enjoyment and rejuvenation. White, cream and earthy tones help the area retain a sense of warmth even after the sun has gone down.

Enviable views 

Your living room should be the absolute envy of your friends and family. With incredible views of Sydney’s skyline, your Crown Group living space certainly will be. At times when you’re not feeling up to entertaining guests, the panoramic display makes a charming backdrop to enjoy in quieter company. In Skye by Crown Group‘s luxurious living room, you’ll feel as though you’ve got Sydney all to yourself.

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A perfect fusion of interior and exterior

A well-designed space blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, making it seem as though you’re not confined within four walls but are at one with the natural and urban spaces outside. Crown Group’s apartments have been expertly designed by award-winning architects who are adept at introducing some interior tranquility to contrast with the busy urban surroundings. Your living space will be a haven amidst Australia’s busiest metropolis.

The ultimate Sydney living room combines the very best of style, comfort, light, views and expert design. Ready to move in? Check out Crown Group’s luxury accommodation in Sydney.

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