The 10-Minute Suburb: Getting Around From Waterloo



Over the last few years, Waterloo has quickly become one of the most desirable suburbs of Sydney. There are all sorts of different reasons for this, from the lively local food scene to new developments like Waterfall by Crown Group which redefine luxury in city living. However, one of the biggest factors in Waterloo’s success has undoubtedly been the area’s proximity to the very best of Sydney.

In fact, Waterloo has quickly been christened the ’10 minute suburb,’ reflecting just how quick and easy it is to get into the busiest and most popular parts of Sydney by foot, car or public transport.

Waterloo has quickly been christened the ’10 minute suburb.’

Waterloo: The 10 minute suburb

In a recent Domain article, Waterloo resident and Etihad Airways’ head of corporate communications Stephen Mahoney explained that he can get everywhere he needs to in well under half an hour, even if he’s heading much further afield than the CBD.

“I travel for work and I’m 10 minutes from the airport, 15 minutes to work, 15 minutes to the beach, near to cafes, restaurants and the convenience of major supermarkets – which is perfect for my lifestyle,” he explained.

Stephen has lived in Waterloo for over a decade, and in that time the transport options have only gotten better. Bus routes and cycle ways have offered new ways to get from A to B, and this trend is set to continue with the opening of a brand new Waterloo Station as part of Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro.

Waterloo Station on the Sydney Metro

As the biggest transportation project in Australia, there’s no overstating just how important the Sydney Metro will be to the city. When completed in 2024, the project’s second stage will link different parts of the city like never before. It will take just 6 minutes to get from Waterloo Station to Martin Place Station in the heart of the CBD. In addition, the Waterloo Station will also offer:

  • A new link to bus services along Botany Road
  • New routes to Australian Technology Park and Redfern Station
  • Additional development of the Global Economic Corridor between Green Square and the CBD

The new station will have an absolutely enormous impact on Waterloo. While demand is already high for apartments in the area, this will only increase the closer we get to Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro’s completion. Now is the time to secure your slice of the 10 (soon to be 6) minute suburb, get in touch with us today to get started.

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