Luxury Apartments in the World’s Most Liveable Cities – Two Key Reasons Why You Should Start Investing


What makes a city wonderful to live in? If you ask The Economist Intelligence Unit, it’s a combination of factors. A thriving cultural scene and freedom of media. Access to quality housing, healthcare and education. Effective infrastructure, a comfortable climate and a safe society. The Global Liveability Index 2019 takes over 30 complex factors into account when compiling its list of top liveable cities from 140 major cities across the world.


While Vienna has taken out number one in 2019, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have all made it to the top ten. The Liveability Index provides an excellent guide for property investment opportunities, and investors often pay close attention to the top ten results. Here are two important reasons why.

  1. Climate is a vital factor in 2019 and beyond

The Liveability Index marked a concerning general deterioration of the culture and environment score in 2019, citing the effects of climate change on susceptible cities. Poor air quality was one noticeable factor in busy cities, for example. In contrast, Sydney rose from fifth to third in the Index largely thanks to its Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy, in which environmental sustainability is a key focus. Considering the growing awareness of climate change issues in the general public, it’s fair to accept that many will be looking for a great, central lifestyle close to sustainable travel options in the near future. Investing in luxury apartments in one of the world’s cleaner and greener cities? It simply makes sense.

  1. Stability is fluctuating around the world

Even if a city is beautiful and well planned, its stability can be a key concern when considering where to live and work in 2019. Paris is a prime example of a city dropping down the liveability list because of its recent protests and terrorism concerns. Political instability can also be a factor in even the most developed of countries; Brexit has justify London in turmoil, with many international companies downsizing, leaving the UK or cutting jobs in preparation for either a deal or no-deal exit from the EU. That will likely see experienced professionals leaving London for other opportunities elsewhere – and could well bring UK citizens and Australian expats to sunny Sydney or growing Melbourne for career and living opportunities. Australia in contrast is enjoying impressive job growth and low unemployment levels. Those who own luxury apartments in Melbourne or Sydney could potentially enjoy a greater rental demand with increased demand for premium, central and connected apartments.

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