Infinity by Crown Group: The Making of An Architectural Icon


Futuristic yet organic, reaching into the sky with a seemingly impossible light and open presence; The Infinity by Crown Group building has made a powerful impression on Sydneysiders and the wider world in the lead up to its completion in 2019. Curved, looping and nestled elegantly into its Green Square location, the building features an innovative structural arch that cleverly addresses both form and function. In an inspired choice by Koichi Takada Architects, the stunning open-centred design allows sunlight to reach the award-winning new Green Square library and public plaza as well as allowing fresh air to circulate into the courtyard below. Rather than setting an imposing figure as a more traditional shape might have done, Infinity’s 20 levels instead take a harmonious place in the environment with its cascades of green terraces and open form.

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Vision and design

Space has been a key factor in the design for Infinity by Crown Group, as has sustainability. The design sits at the heart of Sydney’s exciting new town centre, Green Square, which incorporates world-class design and six-star sustainability measures for a new era in urban lifestyle. The suburb will transform high density living through green shared spaces and modern community facilities, with an expected 61,000 residents by 2030 and a higher living density than that of New York’s Manhattan.

Architect Koichi Takada has created Infinity to curve up and away from this thriving activity below, providing light-filled luxury apartments in Sydney’s most desirable town centre close to culture and community – whilst also offering privacy, peace and seclusion. Apartments each feature floor to ceiling windows, ample storage and expansive living spaces. Each apartment has been designed with passive lighting and climate control in line with Green Square’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Demand for the stunning apartments in Infinity has been fierce, with 105 of the Green Square apartments for sale bought off the plan within the first hour of launch day alone, and a record $3.6 million price fetched for its penthouse apartment. It’s easy to see why – there are 326 luxury Crown apartments, the residents of which will enjoy an open-air garden plaza, a music room with baby grand piano, a sky lounge, theatre and gymnasium. The loop-shaped building will also feature a 90-room hotel, a modern convention centre, retail and restaurant facilities.

Breathtaking simplicity can involve meticulous planning. Whilst the graceful loop and arch design of Infinity by Crown Group looks effortlessly organic today, it involved the hoisting and assembly of 370 structural steel components 54 metres in the air – the largest piece of which weighed 63 tonnes. Looking up, it’s clear that this innovative feat has been well worth the endless hours of painstaking planning.

Infinity’s award-winning Architect Koichi Takada lived in Tokyo, New York and London before calling Sydney home. It’s already evident that Infinity by Crown Group is a truly world-class design that represents and reflects the future of urban living through its state-of-the-art apartments for sale in Sydney and elegant, multi-purpose design.

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