How to Save Space in Luxury Apartments



With the busy lives that people lead, it’s easy for apartment spaces to become cluttered with clothes, books and other bits and pieces. However, with some smart planning, these items can be stored away efficiently and won’t compromise the sleek interior aesthetic.

Crown Group’s apartments have been expertly designed with discreet and innovative storage solutions. However, here are some more tips to keep apartments looking attractive and uncluttered.

Make the most of built-in furniture

The best modern apartments are minimal. Luxury isn’t about putting everything on display; it’s about keeping things simple and not going over the top.

Think about what you want to see when you enter a room, and what you use the most – you don’t need every single kitchen appliance sitting on your benchtop. Instead, you might just need a vase of flowers, a kettle and a cookbook on the counter.  Use the drawers and cupboards to store away all the things that don’t need to be there.

Don’t over-decorate

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There’s nothing less stylish than a space that has too much going on. When it comes to our apartment interiors, they’ve been designed with simplicity in mind, so you don’t want to spoil it with overdone decor.

There’s nothing less stylish than a space that has too much going on.

Positioning greenery or objects in certain spaces can add life to an apartment, but overdoing it will simply make it look cluttered. A vase and some magazines on a living room table looks stylish, but leave it at that and avoid the temptation to pile up a life’s worth of literature and household objects.

Utilise unused spaces

Cupboards, wardrobes and drawers are typical storage spaces, but you can also use other spaces that are often forgotten about.

Underneath beds and couches are great spaces to place containers and place items such as linens, towels or even clothes, and no one is likely to look there.

Invest in attractive storage containers

Storage containers don’t have to be ugly plastic boxes! Be creative with where you put your things. For example, woven boxes have a charming rustic feel and can be placed in cupboards and bookshelves. They appear decorative, but you can use them to store paperwork, socks, photos, or any little bits and bobs that you can’t seem to find a place for.

Whether you are planning to move into a luxury apartment as an owner-occupier, or are purchasing one as an investor, you’ll need to think about household storage. Use these tips to get you started!

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