How Do You Identify True Luxury in the Sydney Market?



Luxury is about more than price – especially in this market.

High demand is driving prices up across the board, meaning a large number of units now sit in a price range historically reserved for luxury apartments in Sydney. So when everything is priced at a premium, how do you discern the true luxury properties?

The best in architecture

True luxury apartment living should involve prestige from the word go. With projects like Waterfall by Crown Group, this was achieved by working with the very best architects in the business – SJB.

With Waterfall, SJB designed a large-scale, multi-use project which incorporated space, light and communal areas in ways that redefine luxury. This is exemplified in the abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows and relaxing open-plan living areas, as well as the seven-storey waterfall cascading throughout the complex.

SJB’s work for Waterfall has been nothing short of superlative, creating deep cuts that ensure plentiful natural light in every corner of the project and working with acclaimed artist Mika Popov-Utzon to design inventive public spaces within and without the buildings. It’s the kind of architectural genius that creates true luxury apartment living.

Top-class facilities

It is easy to believe an apartment delivers luxury based on location, some strong finishes and a hefty price tag. But true luxury apartments do not exist in isolation – they are part of a fully functioning development where residents have access to some of the best facilities in the city.

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At Waterfall by Crown Group, residents have access to:

  • A rooftop infinity pool
  • Function and events rooms with catering available
  • Music rooms (complete with grand piano)
  • Sky gardens and bamboo-covered walkways
  • A cantilevered, floating gym facility
  • Retail outlets in the building

A proper luxury apartment complex doesn’t just provide a place to call home – it lets you live life to its fullest. Waterfall by Crown Group is a prime example of the best apartment living that Sydney has to offer, and sets the benchmark for elegant living. When you want to find the true meaning of luxury, get in touch.

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