How a luxury kitchen can improve your cooking experience



The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is particularly true for the luxury apartments at Waterfall by Crown Group. Not only are Waterfall’s homes the perfect place to relax and unwind, they’re sanctuaries where owners can create delicious meals in environments that any top chef would be happy to cook in. From the fittings to the finish, every kitchen in Waterfall is designed to marry form with function, resulting in an ideal environment for preparing everything from multi-course feasts to simple snacks.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the kitchens in Waterfall’s apartments so fantastic, along with a few tips for getting the very most out of them.

Every apartment in Waterfall boasts a sleek, modern kitchen with the very best in materials and appliances.

Kitchens in waterfall

The cooking experience starts with the space itself, which features bespoke cabinetry and natural stone benchtops. The effect is striking, making the kitchen a warm, clean and inviting space to prepare meals for friends, family and of course yourself. Even if you feel like a late night snack, recessed LED lighting keeps the look natural and elegant at every time of the day.

Of course, a great kitchen demands the very best cooking equipment, which is why Waterfall apartments are fitted out with top-of-their-class appliances from Miele. The German company is renowned for culinary quality, along with pro-level performance that takes home-cooking to an entirely new level.

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Tips for making the most of a luxury kitchen 

Once you’ve settled into your apartment at Waterfall and made yourself at home in the kitchen, the only question left is what meal to start with. Even if you’re not the most confident chef, you can still take inspiration from your favourite meals and local ingredients to create dishes that you want to eat. Waterfall residents are particularly fortunate in this regard, with the nearby Carriageworks Farmers Market selling fresh produce every Saturday.

For even more inspiration, you can check out the countless restaurants and cafes in the area or on-site. Find a dish that you absolutely love and then give it a go in your own kitchen. It may take a few tries to get the recipe just right, but we promise you’ll enjoy every second of it in your luxurious kitchen in the heart of Sydney’s fastest growing suburb – Waterloo.

To find out more about Waterfall’s apartments, contact the team at Crown Group today!

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