How a luxury apartment can help you get more out of retirement



Retirement is far more than simply an end to the 9-to-5 grind. It’s also an incredible opportunity to reshape the way that you live and how you spend your time. For many, retirement also comes hand in hand with downsizing, moving away from a large, traditional house and finding something that better suits a change in lifestyle.

Luxury apartments in Sydney provide a fantastic alternative to a home out in the suburbs, and in this article we’ll look at how making the switch can ensure you get more out of your golden years.

The prime reason many retirees decide to move out of a traditional home is the high costs of maintenance.

Less maintenance

The prime reason many retirees decide to move out of a traditional home is the high costs of maintenance. Not only can this be a drain on time and money, but as we get older, tasks such as clearing out gutters and maintaining a garden can become that little bit more difficult.

In an apartment, all of the maintenance is taken care of for you, without having to sacrifice living in a beautiful environment. For example luxury complexes such as Waterfall by Crown Group offer a huge amount of natural greenery, which can be enjoyed without having to worry about who will take care of the ongoing upkeep.

Easy commuting

Perhaps the best part of retirement is having more free time to do the things that you want to spend your time on. Regardless of whether that’s taking a pottery class, trying new restaurants or attending shows, a good location is one of the most important factors in being able to easily access all that Sydney has to offer.

This is another area where luxury apartments provide a huge benefit, as they’re located in prime areas of the city where there’s always something going on. In addition, a development such as Waterfall by Crown Group that’s close to public transport makes it quick and easy to get almost anywhere in the city without having to drive.

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Safety and security

A final benefit to apartment living for retirees is security and safety. This could be something as simple as being located entirely on one level and not having to worry about staircases, or the peace of mind that comes with knowing you live in a building that is protected by trained staff.

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