Biophilic Interior Design: Bringing Nature In


From the spread of a bird’s wings to the curves of time-worn stone, the natural world has been inspiring humans for millennia. People have an innate connection to nature, and biophilic design aims to support this connection in the built environments where we live and work. Biophilic design doesn’t just lead to stunning architecture, either; connections with the natural world can actively improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Here at Crown Group each one of our luxury developments features biophilic design at its very core, each in its own unique and breathtaking way.

Organic curves & ice caves

You need only look at the rooftop garden or the indoor swimming pool at Arc by Crown Group to see the natural influences for these apartments for sale in Sydney’s CBD. Apartment interiors blend the outdoors and indoors for beautiful al fresco living, while the indoor pool and spa are directly inspired by ice caves complete with other-worldly illumination.

indoor pool ARC by Crown Group

The ice-cave themed indoor pool and spa at Arc by Crown Group.

Urban forests & green growth

Mastery by Crown Group comprises five buildings in Waterloo in a stunning collaboration between renowned architects Kengo Kuma, Koichi Takada and Silvester Fuller. Natural connection and wellbeing are at the very heart of this masterful vision, with Kuma envisioning Building C as a vertical stacked forest of greenery to bring vitality to Sydney’s skyline. State-of-the-art amenities evoke forest surroundings with their timber panelling, while apartment interiors are imbued with organic qualities and green glimpses.  Every detail of this Waterloo development is channelled to reflect the natural simplicity of Japanese Zen principles, with interplays of light (hikari) and shadow (kage) for an energising result.

“It is always in dialogue with humans. But good architecture does not attempt to fix nature—instead, it moves with nature, always continuing the dialogue.”  – Kengo Kuma

MasteryByCrown S020 INT StandardLiving

A calming, natural colour scheme within an apartment at Mastery by Crown Group.

Waterfalls & rainforests

You’re spoilt for natural connections when seeking apartments for sale in Waterloo. Waterfall by Crown Group plunges you into a lush tropical rainforest atmosphere, complete with the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest man-made waterfall cascading down one of the four buildings. Within the apartments, floor-to-ceiling glazing opens up the outlook to green balconies, while calming natural tones and textures carry through the interiors.

You’re never far from a lush green space at Waterfall by Crown Group.

Fresh air and sunshine

Infinity by Crown Group finds yet more unique elements of natural inspiration. The building itself evokes a great natural archway, which allows sunlight and fresh air to stream in to apartments and down to the plaza below. These Green Square apartments for rent and sale feature natural textures and greenery at every level, and elegant, natural finishes in every living space.

Infinity by Crown Group

Infinity by Crown Group features greenery at every level and a pool that blends natural and man-made elements.

Natural hues & native Australian plants

For a natural paradise in a flourishing suburb look no further than Eastlakes Live by Crown Group. These Eastlakes apartments for rent and sale were envisioned by award-winning architects, fjmt, to reflect the golden hues of nature and the distinctive aesthetic of native Australian plants. These design elements carry on throughout the development’s retail spaces.


Eastlakes Live offers connections to nature both in its surroundings and its design.

In every location, you’ll find an uplifting connection to nature in all Crown Group developments. Biophilic design allows us to blend the best of natural and built environments for the benefit of all.

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