Architectural Features to Look out for When Buying a Property


If you’re looking to buy a new apartment in Sydney, you’re already making a big investment. Whether you will live in or rent out your apartment, the architectural features of the building could have a significant impact on the potential value of your home moving forward.

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It’s therefore essential to understand and appreciate the latest design trends which are likely to add value to your property further down the track. Here are our top features to look out for.

Environmentally Focused Designs

The environmental sustainability of your lifestyle is a huge socio-cultural trend for 2018. Architects and potential buyers alike put an emphasis on using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Many architects are turning to repurposed materials such as timber, aluminium and recycled plastic or glass. Natural materials are also a popular choice along with featuring exposed materials such as brickwork, timber and concrete as part of the design aesthetic.

Our Waterfall by Crown Group building features only the most luxurious and sustainable natural materials throughout the apartments. Located in the heart of Waterloo, these apartments have been designed to create a clean, zen-like space with environmental sustainability in mind.

Government support and campaigning for increased environmental awareness is now a common political thread, evident not only locally but on an international scale. Buildings and apartments that are environmentally conscious are therefore a sound investment for the future.

Green Spaces and Sanctuaries

Incorporating authentic and natural greenery into buildings has been on trend for the last few years. Studies back this trend up, suggesting that embracing greenery can improve mental health and wellbeing, as well as obviously supporting the environment.

Australian Councils have also started implementing mandatory greening requirements to ensure developers are incorporating nature into their buildings.

Millennials and subsequent generations put a huge emphasis on quality of life. Buildings that incorporate sanctuaries and communal areas which embrace the natural environment are therefore becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban areas such as Sydney or Melbourne.

Our luxury apartments for sale in Sydney’s Waterloo feature a number of tranquil spaces designed to make the most of nature. Our Waterfall community will feature several resort-style shared facilities including a rooftop sky garden and terrace with panoramic views, private bamboo covered walkway, rooftop infinity pool and tranquil ground-level water gardens with recreational deck.

Smart Homes

Technology and the digital age in now fully integrated into every aspect of our daily lives. With the rise of Alexa and Google Home, consumers expect their homes to be technology savvy and Wi-Fi ready. The ability to turn the heating on remotely as you commute home from work or activate your sound system by voice is now a reality.

Consumers and investors will put an increasing emphasis on the ability to digitise the home as technology continues to advance.

Open Spaces

When prospective buyers look to buy new apartments in Sydney, they are looking to make the most of their space. With a rising population, there is less space available so making the most of it is essential.

Open-plan designs create multi-purpose areas which feel bigger and more relaxing. Leveraging natural light contributes to this feeling and is linked to positive mental health and wellbeing.

Our Waterfall by Grown Group development was designed with this in mind. Our floor to ceiling windows maximise the natural light, boasting unbroken views across the local Sydney landscape. Our open plan living spaces are made to maximise perspective, creating a calm and open home to relax in.

Luxury Apartments For Sale

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