6 Steps to Differentiate a Luxury Apartment from a Regular Apartment


While property developers are quick to use the word ‘luxury’, there are only a select number of properties in any city that are truly deserving of the term. If you’re looking to buy an apartment for sale in Sydney, how do you determine whether it truly offers a sense of abundance, elegance and comfort? These six steps can help to you to differentiate the cream of the crop when it comes to purchasing a luxury property.

  1. Take note of the apartment’s orientation.

If a residential building is architecturally designed by a master in their trade then each apartment will be positioned optimally for the greatest views, air flow and natural light. Northern-facing apartments will catch the sunlight in winter and provide excellent energy efficiency whilst shielding heat out in summer. Depending on the climate, it can also be important to select an apartment that allows for optimal air flow throughout the home when windows and doors are opened up.

  1. Don’t accept anything less than a perfect location.

Whether you’re buying your next home or an investment property in Sydney, a central and connected location will be key for a luxury property purchase. Consider well-connected areas such as the Sydney CBD, Waterloo and Parramatta. Choose a prime location with every amenity at the doorstep, from restaurants to entertainment to retail. An effective test is to consider whether you can access a world-class cocktail and a five-star meal within minutes of the property. True luxury is being able to treat yourselves to a sumptuous romantic dinner without even leaving your building.

  1. Pay attention to professionalism.

Reputation is everything when it comes to buying property. Your property developer should have an outstanding track record of crafting luxury properties. Consider researching the value and reputation of previous projects, to see how their quality developments have stood the test of time.  Professionalism is important in the finer details too. Luxury apartments in Sydney should have reputable strata management in place to ensure flawless management of common property and facilities. Take the time to check over the strata inspection report prior to purchase, so you can be confident that shared amenities like pools and gardens will continue to look immaculate and any repairs will be seen to promptly.

  1. Examine the interior and exterior details.

Walking into a luxury apartment should feel like a special experience every time, from the building’s front door right down to the laundry tap and kitchen drawers. With high-quality insulation you will not be able to hear your neighbour’s footsteps. The kitchen and bathrooms can be an excellent indicator of quality, such as high-end Miele appliances and stone bench tops at Crown Group properties for example. Another key sign of a luxury property is that of intelligent storage solutions, which can be vital in a one or two bedroom residence. A beautifully designed apartment will offer plenty of streamlined storage that blends effortlessly into the space’s layout. You deserve both form and function for your investment.

  1. Consider the included amenities.

Before you buy an apartment for sale in Sydney, we would recommend spending some time in the shared spaces and amenities. Take note that the building includes a generously sized swimming pool and a modern well-equipped gym in the building. A promise of a swimming pool may be disappointing if it is too small or always crowded, for example. Pay attention to the number of people who reside in the building, as exclusivity means a more peaceful and luxurious lifestyle. Rooftop living is also incredibly important for inner-city dwellers, as it provides a sense of space and escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Spend some time taking in the views and fresh air from rooftop gardens, and you’ll soon be able to decide if the building is as truly resort-style as it promises.

  1. Seek out timeless style.

One of the key aspects that sets a luxury property apart is knowing that its design will continue to look stunning for many years to come. This is due to both a high-quality finish as well as the architecturally-designed space itself. Floor to ceiling windows are a must-have luxury feature, because a perfect view will simply never go out of style. Within the apartment, look for smooth lines and open layouts without unnecessary embellishment. If the building has an overall concept or vision, this will tell you that the architect has put significant thought into ensuring the space flows cohesively in every aspect.

With some research, an eye for detail and a focus on longevity, it can be simple to choose the perfect luxury property for your next home or investment.

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