4 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Luxury Apartment



So, you’ve decided that you want to purchase some luxury real estate. Crown Groups’s high-end apartments have already given you sophisticated, well-designed interiors and covetable views of the Sydney skyline. You probably don’t need to make your friends any more envious of your lifestyle, but a few fancy mod cons won’t hurt …

We’re not referring to geeky gadgets from Back to the Future; we’re talking stylish and convenient additions to your home that will make your life easier and more luxurious. We’ve picked out one for each of the main spaces in your apartment: the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room.

1. Self-watering greenery

Self-watering pots are a godsend for those of us with busy lives. Looking at urban green space can assist with stress recovery, according to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Greenery is linked to our wellbeing, so it’s worth investing in some indoor plants. With self-watering pots, you don’t even need to worry about remembering to take care of them, because all the work is done for you.

2. Aromatherapy alarm clock

No one enjoys the piercing, repetitive sound of an alarm clock. Aromatherapy alarm clocks wake you up not only with soothing sounds, but also some delightful smells. Simply place your favourite essential oils inside and you’ll wake up calm and relaxed in the morning.

3. Bluetooth shower head 

Installing a Bluetooth shower head will transform your showering experience. Suddenly, a mundane activity will turn into the most invigorating part of your day. The Moxie Showerhead connects to all of your devices via Bluetooth, so you can listen (and sing along) to your favourite tunes while scrubbing yourself clean.

4. Smart remote

If you have a lot of electronic devices in your apartment, it can help to have a single remote that turns them on and off. There are several devices on the market that will connect to your home WiFi network and give you control of your appliances and electronics via your smartphone. You’ll need to spend a bit of time setting everything up, but once that’s out of the way, you’ll experience a lot less hassle.

Rather than adding clutter, these mod cons will assist your living experience, enabling you to spend more time enjoying your wonderful surroundings. Looking for your next luxury home that you can furnish with your favourite gadgets? Take a look at our beautiful developments.

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