4 Facilities Every Luxury Apartment Complex Should Have



When you live in a luxury apartment development, you won’t just find your living quarters there, but a whole host of other facilities to enjoy that cater to all your fitness, health and entertainment needs.

Crown Group’s complexes offer their residents a complete living experience. We’ve thought of everything you could possibly want – as well as some exclusive facilities you never even thought you needed!

Here are four essential facilities you should look for if you plan to move into a luxury apartment.

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1. Gardens

A little greenery can completely transform your living experience. When you live in the heart of the city, you won’t get the spacious backyards of the suburbs, but you should still be able to get away from the hubbub of the city.

Apartment buildings that contain rooftop gardens offer a tranquil escape so that you can still get some much-needed relaxation time. Unique features, such as Waterfall by Crown Group’s cascading waterfall, also add to the feeling that nature has intruded into the urban environment, lending a little peace and serenity to your lifestyle. They also provide the perfect backdrop for entertaining guests during the summer months, when you feel like escaping your apartment interior.

Imagine if you could just pop downstairs to fulfill your retail therapy needs.

2. On-site retail

Imagine if you could just pop downstairs to fulfill your retail therapy needs. Well, when you live in a luxury apartment complex, this is possible! Our developments contain a mixture of residential and commercial floors, so you can indulge your credit card on your way up to your room.

3. Gym

There shouldn’t be any need for you to pay for a gym membership when you’re living in a luxury apartment development. In our developments, fully-equipped gymnasiums are only an elevator ride away. The best part? You’ll be able to work out with a view of Sydney sprawled beneath you.

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4. Rooftop pool

A swimming pool is an essential facility in any luxury apartment complex. When it comes with a view overlooking one of the most picturesque cityscapes in the world, the experience is one of unparalleled opulence. At Infinity by Crown Group in Green Square, there’s even a rooftop bar so you can kick back poolside with a cocktail in hand after a long day at the office.

Would you like to enjoy all the incredible amenities of a luxury apartment complex in Sydney? Have a conversation with Crown Group today.

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