3 Unique Features of the Waterfall Development


As one of the most exciting residential projects in Sydney, Waterfall by Crown Group has a lot to live up to. By delivering state of the art luxury apartments alongside some of the best natural features to grace such a development, it truly sets itself apart from the crowd.

But what really stands out in this singular project? Here are three features that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

An eight-storey waterfall

Having water cascade through a public space is something you would expect to see in one of New South Wales’ bountiful national parks, but now it can be found right on the doorstep of the Sydney CBD. The term waterfall is more than a name – it’s a primary feature of this new development.

We are bringing nature into your personal space. We are bringing nature into your personal space.

This forms part of what is called biophilic design – incorporating elements of nature in our everyday spaces. It’s something the Green Building Council of Australia has noted connects to general happiness and wellbeing, and that we’re thrilled to bring into your home.

A central garden

Further to this, Waterfall by Crown Group has an expansive, lush watergarden situated right in the middle of the residential development. Sydney’s public parks alone are a sight to behold, but having this private garden on your doorstep is a feature unique to people living in Waterfall.

The watergarden is a tranquil lagoon, surrounded by lush vegetation. The building has been designed so the balconies of the apartments look directly into it, giving you breathtaking, unique views. It establishes an overarching feel of serenity and peace, even though you are nearly in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.

Unique art designs

The development of unique designs that are instantly recognisable runs in Mika Utzon’s blood. After all, his grandfather helped to design the Sydney Opera House. With commissions and exhibitions all over the globe, he has brought his singular artistic talents to Waterfall by Crown Group, with a centrepiece adorning the project.

Waterfall blends the city with nature seamlessly, truly giving you the best of both worlds.

It is a prime example of how Waterfall by Crown Group blends the city with nature seamlessly, truly giving you the best of both worlds.

These days, it is often not enough to simply have a nice apartment. After all, you don’t just live your life in your bedroom. We understand the wide range of tastes and lifestyles that nonetheless seek out the city, and bring everyone together with inimitable design features and spaces that provide unparalleled peace.

This is just a sample of what Waterfall by Crown Group offers – get in touch with us to find out what else we have in store.

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