3 reasons why Sydney’s the best place to live in Australia



Sydney’s a truly beautiful city, offering so much in terms of lifestyle and economic opportunities. And there are few better ways to experience the area than from above it’s glimmering skyline through the windows of a gorgeous luxury apartment.

With an eye to showcasing the best of Sydney, we’ve had a quick look at just a few things that make our city so fantastic.

Job creation and the economy

Sydney’s thriving economy is the economic jewel atop Australia’s crown and according to Regional Development Australia it accounts for approximately one fifth of the country’s GDP. For entrepreneurs and the career minded there are few better cities in which to live and work in the world.

Sydney's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sydney’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As it’s the country’s biggest economy, it may also offer the most lucrative opportunities. That’s why entrepreneurs and start up businesses flock to the city, to work alongside some of the brightest minds and most promising enterprises in the world.

Our infrastructure and transport systems are also second to none, with Australia’s largest airport and rail system. Lastly, among a range of other things, Sydney is home to the Australian Stock Exchange as well as the headquarters of 75 per cent of banks located in the country.

The thriving property market

All the surveys in the world can’t tell you what it’s really like to be here though.

A city’s property market is always an indicator of its economy, and Sydney’s is no exception. CoreLogic RP Data, shows that the regions property market is still showing stronger growth than any other capital city, with just over 13 per cent value increases for the year ending November 30 2016.

The reason for this is simple – Sydney’s one of the most desirable cities in the world, and demand for property is constantly high. That’s not a one year blip either, property value increases in Sydney have been leading the capital cities for years now.

A better lifestyle

Sydney’s a phenomenal place to be. That’s why it constantly ranks near the top of global liveability and culture surveys – such as the Economist livability rankings (14th) and the ATKearney Global Cities Index (also 14).

All the surveys in the world can’t tell you what it’s really like to be here though, you have to experience it for yourself. If you’re considering our beautiful city as your new home, get in touch with the team at Crown and invest in Sydney’s skyline.

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