3 Benefits to Owning a Luxury Apartment



There are all sorts of different reasons why luxury apartments make great places to live. This is particularly true in a global city like Sydney where there’s so much going on. An apartment in a prime CBD location allows you to stay close to the action without having to worry about commuting in from the suburbs.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, and in this article we’ll take a closer look at three areas where luxury apartments really come into their own.

When you live in the suburbs, it’s difficult to access amenities such as a pool, gym or restaurant.

1. The amenities

When you live in the suburbs, it’s difficult to access amenities such as a pool, gym or restaurant without either spending a lot of money on renovations or having to travel. Luxury apartments, on the other hand, provide all of these features and more, all within a few minutes from your front door.

This is all part of the luxury apartment lifestyle, providing residents with the very best in living and leisure as part of a package deal. Of course, this is in addition to the benefits of being located right in the middle of all Sydney has to offer, regardless of whether that means fine dining, shopping or easy access to special events in the heart of the CBD.

2. The opportunities

While living in a luxury apartment provides a great quality of life, investing in a unit is also a smart move for the future. As Sydney’s population continues to grow, we’re seeing consistent increases in the value of apartments, making them ideal for investors looking to build up a portfolio of properties and experience long-term capital gains.

In addition, apartments are hugely attractive to a wide variety of different tenants, particularly young professionals who work in the city centre. This means that even if you decide not to live in your apartment, you’ll be able to generate income from it as a rental.

3. The community

Finally, there’s the incredible sense of community that you’ll find in a luxury apartment complex. Here at Crown Group, we see every one of our unit owners as a member of the family, creating a close-knit environment where friendships are fostered and connections are created. This approach goes a long way towards creating a sense of togetherness and familiarity within our developments that you simply don’t get on a regular street.

To find out more about Crown Group and the benefits to investing in a luxury apartment, contact our team today.

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