Mastery by Crown Group
Mastery by Crown Group

Kengo Kuma’s distinctive architecture at Mastery by Crown Group attracting cashed-up FHB’s willing to save for their dream apartment

When Eric Ngoei, a twenty-seven-year old first home buyer from Sydney, heard that Kengo Kuma was behind the Mastery by Crown Group project in Waterloo, he knew it was the perfect first property for him – even if it meant saving more for his deposit with help from his parents and waiting out the construction time.

Eric works as a Consultant for a Swiss IT Consultancy in the banking sector. He purchased a two-bedroom off the plan apartment on the 17th floor which he plans to live in with his partner when completed.

As a first home buyer, buying off the plan was beneficial for Eric as he was able to place a minimal deposit and continue saving until the project is completed. “I saved until I could afford to invest in a property I knew I wanted to live in myself with good capital growth and rental return prospects,” Eric said.

“I’ve actually been able to invest my savings in the meantime to make it grow faster which will help with the final settlement payment. Plus, by the time I move in, it will certainly have increased in value. It’s also reassuring to know the property will be an excellent rental property. It ticks all the boxes for an affluent tenant,” he said.

Crown Group Director of Sales, Prisca Edwards said, “Many of the buyers at Mastery by Crown Group have been first home buyers not restricted by budget and wanting to live close to the CBD to enjoy all of conveniences of an inner-city lifestyle. The past year has created a market that now points toward large, high-quality apartments with live-in amenity as their value has endured.”

This is Kengo Kuma’s first ever residential project in Australia

Mastery by Crown Group is set to become Australia’s first Japanese-themed residential community showcasing the inspired design of Kengo Kuma in collaboration with Koichi Takada Architects and Silvester Fuller. The project will be Kuma’s first residential community in Australia.

Eric says he was already familiar with the extraordinary quality of Crown Group, but the fact they were partnering with the renowned Japanese architect was the icing on the cake. “With Iwan Sunito, Koichi Takada and Kengo Kuma working together, you know you’re going to get something amazing. Everything from the building design and interior fixtures and fittings to the amenity and communal spaces has been carefully considered.”

Kuma’s signature design and deep connection to nature is what captivated Eric when studying the architect’s ‘design language’ as part of his Marketing Communications degree at UNSW. Eric loves how Kengo makes traditional Japanese design modern and relevant in a Western environment.

“Kengo Kuma is a legendary architect. His work is so distinctive, you can recognise it immediately. Take the Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium for example, it has his touch everywhere. The way he seamlessly blends buildings with nature through the use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, stone and ceramics. I’m a big fan!” Eric said.

For more information about Mastery by Crown Group, visit the Display Suite at 30-36 O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo, open daily 10am to 4pm; or visit