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Looking to own or sell lucrative luxury property in Sydney? You’ve made an excellent choice in Crown Group. With a considerable portfolio and a stellar reputation of success in luxury developments, the Crown Group is a name you can trust for high end, high quality properties for sale or for rent.

Whether you seek to own, invest in or rent property, Crown Group delivers nothing but the best: impeccably designed, well-planned developments that are situated conveniently in prime locations.

We offer the complete investment package, from development planning through to property sales and leasing. We seek to make your experience of purchasing property with us as seamless as possible, and consistent in quality as the stunning developments we offer.

With five luxury developments already in full swing in Waterloo, Eastlakes, Green Square and Sydney CBD, and the newly launched Mastery development in Waterloo, we’re giving you a great selection of properties to choose from. Find your ideal properties for rent or sale only here are Crown Group.

Take a look at our available premium properties for rent and for sale below. For more information please contact us on 1800 888 800 or email:

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