Crown Group Global Capital

Driving your realisation

With a track record encompassing two decades of success in real estate development behind it, the Crown Group is an industry leader with unrivalled access to a range of dynamic property development opportunities.

That provides Crown Group’s Global Capital division with the unique foundations to build on that pedigree to deliver property market investors the unique market insights and intelligence they need to be successful.

The divisions expertise in identifying potential wealth generation drives the Crown Group’s capabilities in providing astute, sophisticated investors with outstanding opportunities to capitalise on across a wide range of development investment opportunities.

When it comes to both current and future Crown Group developments this delivers unique insights and access into:

  • Direct property investment through equity co-investments
  • Debt mezzanine and preferred equity investment opportunities
  • Third party capital raising and restructuring

Each member of the dedicated Global Capital team brings unique skill sets, experience and expertise drawn from every aspect of the property industry – from finance to construction, infrastructure to management. These specialists combine their talents in leveraging specialised market intelligence to deliver exceptional results, working with you in a genuine partnership designed to address your unique investment goals.

This ensures your investments are guided by industry experts with the in-depth market knowledge, commercial acumen and analytical skills and perspectives that maximise your return on investment at every opportunity.

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